1:43 Bburago model colection

Information about web and Bburago collection

Aim of this website
is to collect as much information as possible about models produced under the Bbugaroo brand in 1/43 scale. It means to collect all models and color varieties, eventually ad or special series and to map incidence of each variant. Collection (and collecting) itself takes a lot of time. Nevertheless, I offer all this to public via this website. I look forward to share knowledge with other collectors to create complete Musem of Bburago collection for our private needs. 

Your opinions are posted in Guest Book section, new models with their photos are sent in News by clicking on Report New button. Don’t forget the RAL color palette. I won’t public any personal information about me or the others. As the museum visitors you won’t need it and we will surely get known each other personally at any of the Bburago bursae. 

RAL color palette is used for exact identification of color varieties produced each year. There’s about 188 colors included. You can get it at a paint shop, where they mix paints or at some car dealerships. 

FOR SALE is section, where I offer models for sale or to exchange.  


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